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Doctor Mark McLaughlin practices neurological surgery with a focus on spine disorders and specific cranial conditions at Princeton Brain and Spine Care.  After graduating from The Pingry School in 1983, he received his Bachelors Degree at The College of William and Mary in Virginia, majoring in philosophy.  He went on to graduate from the Medical College of Virginia with Alpha Omega Alpha honors (equivalent of Phi Beta Kappa).  He completed his residency at the University of Pittsburgh under the guidance of Dr. Peter Jannetta. During this time he received multiple honors including chief residency and a two-time resident teaching award.  After completing his seven year residency, Dr. McLaughlin received further specialized training in complex and minimal access spine surgery during a Fellowship with Dr. Regis Haid at Emory University Medical Center in Atlanta.

Mark McLaughlin, M.D. served as the President of the Young Neurosurgeons’ Committee, a national section of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons.  He is the Scientific Program Chairman of the AANS/CNS Joint Spine Section.  He is an editor of Spineuniverse.com, a website dedicated to patient and physician education of spinal disorders.   In addition to this national recognition, he has organized an international consultative link with neurosurgeons in Russia.  With collaboration from the World Federation of Neurological Surgeons, he initiated the first ever Russian-American Spine Symposium held in St. Petersburg, Russia, May, 2000.  Dr. McLaughlin’s efforts in Russia were highlighted in Parade Magazine. He has recently joined the Board of Directors of the Jannetta Neuroscience Foundation.

Dr. McLaughlin has published more than 65 articles on neurosurgery and spine surgery, and has authored two textbooks about spine surgery.  He has been an invited speaker, presenter and course director at numerous scientific meetings, and teaches complex spine surgery nationally and internationally. In addition to his professional accomplishments, Dr. McLaughlin is the head coach of the Princeton PAWS recreation wrestling program for first through eighth graders.

Dr. McLaughlin was recently elected Member-at-Large of the Joint Spine Section of the Congress of Neurosurgeons.

Dr. McLaughlin was recently selected for inclusion in Top Doctors: New York Metro Area.

Top Doctors: New York Metro Area is the authoritative guide to finding the top primary care and specialty care doctors in the tri-state metropolitan New York area, with profiles of more than 6,000 top primary care and specialty care physicians in a twenty-county area spanning three states – New York, New Jersey and Connecticut – who represent the top 10% of doctors in the area in more than 65 medical specialties and subspecialties for the care and treatment of more than 2,100 diseases and medical conditions. Also has detailed information regarding many of the leading medical centers, hospitals and specialty hospitals in the New York Metro area.

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  1. My husband had Microvascular Decompression of the Trigeminal Nerve 20 years ago performed by Dr. Peter Jannetta. It is back after so many years. We live in (REMOVED FOR PRIVACY), Michigan and our seeking a neurosurgeon in the area who could perform the surgery and would like your recommendation. We will travel out of state if necessary as we did so many years ago. Please help us.

  2. Mark,
    Hope this message finds you well. You did my R-L4/L5 discectomy/laminectomy in 1997 when you were in residence at UPMC. I have been leading a very active, healthy life (cycling, resistance training, core work, etc) for the past 15 years with only occasional, temporary “flare-ups” which I have successfuly treated with brief courses of naproxen and ice. However, for the first time I am experiencing R-leg weakness/dysfunction which I first noticed about 2-3 weeks ago ascending and descending stairs. More recently my R-leg gave out during a tennis match when I tried to push off on it and again during a work-out when I was doing agility step drills on a bosu-ball. I don’t have much pain — just what feels like some stiffness/tightness deep in my R-buttock and hip. Can you provide a phone consultation perhaps?? and recommend a good doc here in Pittsburgh who specializes in spinal care.
    Many thanks

  3. Dear [withheld],

    It is GREAT to hear from you! I hope you and your family as well as your brother and family are well. I would be happy to do a phone consult. Call my office at 215 741 3141 and leave a message with your cell phone and I’ll call you when I get a chance. I am happy to connect you with a trusted colleague in Pittsburgh. I have many great memories of my time in The Steel City and working with Dr. Sheptak. I look forward to catching up.


    Mark McLaughlin, MD, FACS

    1. Long time no see :-), hope that your familiy and you are doing fine ( say hello to Julie friend of mine) , I do not have any doubt about your medicine, dedication and efforts for patients happiness… I am fine, working mine 4th year on heart surgery in Belgrade, Serbia. I am assisting all procedures, and I am going deeper into skill, as much as I can. I am pleased for the time being, but I would like to get some experience abroad in next few years. I am working on it.

      What else I am doing… Running 3 times per week, playing basketball once a week, seeing my girlfriend almost every day, hanging around with old friends ( when we can manage 🙂 ) and visiting my parents in countryside of my country. I am doing some kind of master studies on Belgrade university etc… Also I’ve run marathon last year and the time was more than 4 hours :-), not too bad for the first time…

      After all this words, I have one thing to ask you… I have one friend, her name is Bxxxxx Pxxxxxx, she is was born in 1984, she is excellent young physician, member of MENSA, she has experience in neurosurgery about 3 years ( in the operating theatre too), she is planning to leave Serbia, and move out to the USA. I have been speaking to her about my good experience with you and your staff, and how beautiful impression I got on my stay in your department. I remember that you are interested in cooperation with young doctors from abroad. If is not a problem, I would like to give her your mail, she would like to send you CV to take a look, I believe that she has quality for your team, more than that I am sure, at least you can give proper advice. Please, let me know if it is ok for you if I give her your mail. Thanks a lot. See you my friend.

      Say hello to your secretary Barbara, she was waiting for me on the Railway station in Trenton, in august 2008, she was very kind.

  4. This was the only way to contact you, because you have changed e mail which I had. You can answer me using my e mail adress.Thanks

  5. i Have recently got TN and and looking to talk to Dr Maughlin about what other options are out there…I have already talked to neuroglist and neurosurgeon her in michigan and just looking to find a second opinion from someone else

  6. I read your article on laser spine surgery. What would you consider a viable alternative for someone with a thoracic disc problem? Every time the disc extrudes it causes a dural tear with the resultant debilitating headache. Removing a rib and dropping a lung for access to the disc is less than appealing. Can MIS spine surgery be done effectively without use of laser on a T8 disc?

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