The 3 Secrets to Cognitive Dominance

Cognitive Dominance Is Needed, Now More Than Ever

About a month ago I had the privilege of speaking to an organization called the Old Guard of Princeton This is an independent organization established 78 years ago that’s composed of men and women, retired or semi-retired, who live in the area. Its purpose is to provide an opportunity to enjoy good fellowship, preserve mental alertness, and maintain a lively interest in the arts and sciences.

When I accepted the invitation, I knew that I would be presenting a theory on Cognitive Dominance, centerpiece of my book to a highly educated and inquisitive audience. What I didn’t quite understand then was how especially timely the topic was.The times we're living in can make or break us. That's why it's good to think about how to approach our current fears and uncertainties in ways that allow us to take control.

Even though I was excited and honored to have been asked, I felt anticipatory stage fright. Why? I was going to stand on a stage previously been occupied by the likes of Edward Albee, Freeman Dyson, J Seward Johnson, Daniel Kahneman, Uwe Reinhardt, Shirley Tilghman, Anne-Marie Slaughter, and Albert Einstein!

Was I up to the task? The group was enthusiastic, the questions were smart and on-target. I think it went well. But you decide. Take some time to listen to the talk and let me know.

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