A Neurosurgeon on a Mission

Dr. Mark McLaughlin is a practicing neurosurgeon, author, inspirational speaker, coach, and philanthropist with a passion for teaching and sharing. His book "Cognitive Dominance: A Brain Surgeon's Quest to Out-Think Fear" is now available.
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Now Available on Amazon: "Cognitive Dominance: A Brain Surgeon’s Quest to Out-Think Fear"
Biography of neurosurgeon, author, coach, and speaker Dr. Mark R. McLaughlin. Once described as a "wrestling coach trapped in a neurosurgeon's body", Dr. McLaughlin has a passion for sharing ideas, education and inspiration. Learn more about his career and calling.
Assess your cognitive dominance abilities. Improve stress management and decision making.


West Point 2020
My annual visit to speak to the Psychology of Elite Performance class at West Point
CentraState Brain Award
Dr. Mark McLaughlin received the CentraState Brain Award on February 1st as part of the "Night in Oz" Gala. Watch Video.
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Featured Articles and Video

Your Best Life - Spine, Brain, and Mind Health
A powerful presentation at the CentraState Healthcare Foundation Workshop in the spring of 2016. Living a full and rich life. Actionable intelligence from Dr. Mark McLaughlin.
COVID-19 Reflections
Thoughts on the Coronavirus outbreak and what it means to Americans. A strategy for thinking about COVID-19 and coping with these challenging times. Using the IRISE method to guide your thinking.
The 3 Secrets to Cognitive Dominance
Watch presentation to the Old Guard of Princeton. It's a stage previously occupied by Albee, Dyson, J Seward Johnson, Kahneman, Reinhardt, Tilghman, Anne-Marie Slaughter, and Albert Einstein!

Medicine and Neurosurgery

Synovial Cysts
Dr. Mark McLaughlin discusses synovial cysts. What are they? Why do you have a synovial cyst? What can be done?
Cervical and Lumbar Radiculopathy
Princeton Brain and Spine neurosurgeon Dr. Mark McLaughlin discusses spinal radiculopathy. What is it? What are the symptoms? What caused it? What treatments are available to me?
Surgery for Occipital Neuralgia
Surgical treatment for occipital neuralgia is sometime required. In this video, Dr. McLaughlin explains the key points that will be considered.