Alchemy of Wrestling

I love wrestling. I love coaching wrestling. I love helping others strive to become their best selves. Check out this video from much earlier this year..., before COVID19 changed how we interact. I hope it's of value to you. Thank you to Jordan Peterson, whose work greatly inspired the talk.

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We're going to talk about alchemy.

Who knows what alchemy is? Alchemy's been around for 8 000 years. Alchemy was the precursor to chemistry. It was the first science and alchemists were scientists and chemists that believed you could take substances like lead and you could apply some kind of a compound or something to it…, some kind of catalyst.

A catalyst is something that converts something into gold. They believed that and they were searching constantly for this substance that was going to be the transformative substance that was going to take lead into gold.

Now here's the extra credit question. Does anybody know what that substance…, what they call that substance? I guarantee you've heard the word. Guarantee it because it's a word in the Harry Potter stories. It's a substance called the philosopher's stone. Have you ever heard of the philosopher's stone?

Watch the video to learn more.

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