High Performance for Athletes

December 8, 2020: Dr. McLaughlin joins the competitive athletes from the Dakine Warriors..., a top volleyball club in the Pacific Northwest with a national presence. "It was great to join club directors Ariana and Chris Hannemann in this special event for their athletes."  Have a listen.

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Thanks Ariana. It's my pleasure to be here, and Chris thank you too for the opportunity and thank all of you athletes for being here. It's always an honor to speak before athletes who are trying to get better and better and better.

I know this is a tough day for you. I know you've gotten some bad news, and I think I have just the antidote for   you right now, because this talk is about how to get anything you want  in your life, and I mean anything you want...,  to be an ncaa athlete..., you want to be an olympian..., you want to be a doctor, an engineer, a lawyer, a nurse, a Rhodes Scholar..., if any of you know what a Rhodes Scholar is we're going to talk about Rhodes Scholarships towards the end...,  but this is a talk about how you can get anything in your life and it's a simple four-step process.

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