Highlight Reel: Power of Platforms

Highlights from Dr. McLaughlin's presentation "The Power of Platforms". Dr. McLaughlin is a noted author, coach, inspirational speaker, and neurosurgeon. In this November 2019 video, he delivers a message about goals and achievements to an audience of doctors, nurses, managers, and medical professionals.

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I love words and so I looked up the word platform it has so many different meanings. You know a platform is a place where you jump on a train, step off a platform again on the train. A platform is something that we use to drill for oil... a platform is something that people campaign upon It's something that we launch rockets from.  And really a platform is a physical or a symbolic structure that enables human achievement. You don't climb to the top of a platform..., you build it layer by layer by layer.
There is a bigger platform... a more important platform that you need to work on and that is your platform of life. Honesty, responsibility, gratitude, compassion, humility, loyalty, courage. These are the virtues that one needs to work on to have a high platform of life. And when you stand on a platform you can reach higher and you can achieve more and you can see farther and a different perspective. When you see different perspectives you get better knowledge and wisdom.

Johanna and Tatyana know that I spend a moment before I operate. I go through my five P's.
I take a pause
I think about the patient
I make a plan
I put in a positive thought and then
I say a prayer

And you know skeptics might say well, that's not going to change the outcome of the surgery but my faith is always changing. It's always making me strong. The science shows us that faith helps you. People with faith have lower blood pressure..., have less strokes, less cardiac disease, and when you believe you're part of something bigger you're healthier.
Sometimes the world just makes no sense. It's completely capricious. It can be even malevolent. You just can't make sense of it. I'm sure you've had that feeling something. What patient are you holding yourself to an impossible standard - and when are, you're going to forgive yourself because when you forgive yourself you free yourself, and you can grow.

So we've talked a lot about platforms. I hope I've communicated to you what platforms can do with the power of fire and when you go off to work today and you're standing on your platform you're standing on something that enables you to live your dream..., reach higher and achieve more and see things from a different perspective. What I tell my wrestlers is reach down and help others get up onto their platform.
"He.is a wonderful coach. He is a wonderful team leader. Every time I hear his speech..., every time we do the case together..., I hear message from him that he's sending to me as a team member that inspired me to get better to be a better team leader..., to be a better caregiver."

"Just listening to Dr. McLughlin and his faith and his compassion and how he kept going and it just gave me courage. It gave me strength and it was wonderful. It was great."

"His platforms that he spoke about there are exactly that. How to make a better person not only in myself but and the team that I work with and everybody around me and I cannot say enough how he inspires me every single day that I get the chance to work with him. This was an honor. Thank you. I think the biggest thing I got from today was a strong sense of gratitude and of optimism and hope that one day I'll be able to impact as many lives as Dr. McLaughlin has."


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