A Patient of Dr. Peter Jannetta

I had the privilege of training with legendary neurosurgeon Peter Jannetta. It's a small world, and the world of Trigeminal Neuralgia is even smaller. In this video we reminisce about the impact that Dr. Jannetta had. "In this video, I'm joined by a previous patient of Dr. Jannetta. My guest had Trigeminal Neuralgia Decompression surgery many years ago. Recently, he developed TN on the other side of his face. His wife had somehow made a note about my training, and when the time came they reached out to me. It was very special to be able to utilize the skills I learned from Dr. Jannetta to help one of his previous patients."

Peter Jannetta, MD is widely known as the innovator behind today's Microvascular Decompression techniques. You can learn more about him here:

A tribute to Dr. Peter Jannetta

Reflections on the Passing of Peter J. Jannetta, MD

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