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Sometimes it's urgent and extreme team building that makes the difference in a patient's care. What happens when an ER patient needed life-saving surgery 10 minutes ago?

When is it the right thing to bypass paperwork and systems, and how can you accomplish it? These are real world problems that are faced by Neurosurgeons daily.

Princeton based neurosurgeon Mark R. McLaughlin, MD discusses heart pounding moments in the ER and the urgent need to get a dying young woman into surgery.

This powerful video from 2017 was recently upgraded with restored video and enhancements. It immediately became one ouf our most popular YouTube videos. It will challenge your preconceptions. It is also designed to help #medstudents #premed #medprofessionals understand how to best serve their patient and their professional obligations in these tough scenarios.

This presentation was made at Hunterdon Healthcare with the cooperation and assistance of the Hunterdon Healthcare Foundation.

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