NeuroRounds is for the serious and committed....It is ONLY available as a live event. Why? Because having a neurosurgeon ask you a direct question at 7:15 in the morning is very different than watching someone answer the question after you've had lunch.

Check out this 60 second clip to see Dr. McLaughlin working with a medical student to provide the tips and experience that only comes from real cases.

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Video Transcript

all right.. who's out there that hasn't spoken yet?  Catherine Hi where are you from

I'm from St George's University in my second year and i'm from new york.

Excellent excellent tell me what you see here

well I thought vertebrae is definitely not good it looks like it was maybe a compression fracture and then it...
I guess a burst... essentially it lost...    lost square shape

Exactly exactly
Very common with an axial load type injury, okay - Think of the vertebral body as a box and when it gets collapsed what happens to a box ...  the walls blow out

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