Our March 1st edition of NeuroRounds attracted visitors from around the world. Interesting that Dr. McLaughlin was in a car on his way to West Point for a speech, while Maggie Fitzpatrick ran the meeting from Princeton. We hope you enjoy this taste....

You're in the neurosurgery clinic now. You're a resident.

So this definitely sounds like a radiculopathy case considering how substantial their leg pain is to their back pain and I would imagine the decompression of that region might be essential since there's so much hypertrophy that's encroaching on that segment. So, i don't know if a laminectomy would be too invasive at this time if injections aren't working anymore if there's some other minimally invasive decompression that could occur.

I like the way you think. So, again let's go back to the sagittal images for a second. Typical treatment for this after failing conservative therapy is exactly what you said a laminectomy. So, you see the focal stenosis is right here.

One option would be to basically take the L5 lamina off and the L4 lamina off, and that would basically open up this
entire spinal canal do a posterior decompression incision through the back,  come down and do this...

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