On Tuesday, March 1st I had the opportunity to return to West Point and speak with a number of groups about the nature of cognitive dominance. How do we achieve great things? How do we learn to focus and improve? If there is any place on Earth with an audience that is keen to find ways to perform at peak levels, then it is certainly West Point.

It is impossible to visit the United States Military Academy at West Point without feeling inspired about our country. With over 16000 acres located on the Hudson River, it has been occupied by the Army since 1778. If you ever visit, you'll be surrounded by more than 4000 Cadets, all of whom have chosen service as their calling.

On March 1st, I had the honor and privilege of returning to the Point. It is something that I've definitely missed over these past year and more as we have dealt with the challenge of Covid-19. 

Thank You all for having me! I am humbled.