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Wednesday, September 30, 7:00pm ET
Presented by Peak Performance Physicians

"David Jesus Rodriguez miscalculated. The moment his head struck the bottom of the pool his body went numb floating to the surface and gasping for air. He called for his son who called an ambulance and brought him to bay state medical center on a warm july night in the year 2000.

I met him in the emergency room in my first month of practice he was quadriplegic. He had a c45 fracture dislocation and I took him emergently to the operating room, placed him in the prone position, and after about two and a half hours, reduced his spine, fused it and took him back to the ICU. His chances for recovery were one in a thousand. Miraculously he began wiggling his fingers and his toes a couple days later and he walked out of the hospital two weeks later.

I remember that feeling. I remember that exhilaration of feeling… Oh my gosh this is exactly what I wanted to do and I am right here where I want to be.

About a month later a young boy came to the emergency room. He was an eight-year-old young man who had fallen off the school bus and cut his head. His parents were at the bedside and what they said to me was, “Doc there's something wrong with our child. We own a pizza parlor down the street and he's my number one helper. Anthony does everything for me. He busses my tables, but now he's dropping things. He's acting like he's drunk. He's sleeping a lot."

A quick MRI scan showed that he had a tumor in the back of his brain pressing on his brain stem and the next day I took anthony to the operating room with that same excitement and thrill and I put him in the prone position made an incision on the back of his head turned a craniotomy flap and opened up the covering of his brain and came down on a very angry looking tumor. Five hours later I shaved the last remnants off of his brain stem and I took him to the ICU. He woke up perfectly but then over the course of the next 24 hours he began to have complications."


About the Event

The first time he cut open a patient's skull, neurosurgeon Mark McLaughlin found himself confronting a powerful force that his fellow brain surgeons agreed was best never spoken of: FEAR

But Dr. McLaughlin knew that if he couldn't find a way to cope with this formidable foe, all he had striven for as a physician would be lost. So, with a scientist's analytical precision and a philosopher's worldview, McLaughlin derived and formalized a method by which he could act rationally and confidently under the operating room's lights and in all of the complex relationships in his life, especially under fear's profound influence.

This 60-minute video is targeted to physicians and healthcare administrators, but the principles are applicable for ANYONE in a leadership position.

By watching this webinar, you'll learn to be able to:

  • Drill down on shades of fear and anxiety experienced personally and in the workplace
  • Design a map that guides you through unexpected events
  • Discuss how partnerships and attitudes can empower teams
  • Utilize a new paradigm for approaching fear and uncertainty