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Aug 23, 2021, 6:42 PM
NeuroRounds is an educational, medical webinar where neurosurgical cases will be presented, diagnostic imaging will be reviewed, and key facts will be discussed. Don’t miss out on this engaging experience that will allow you to build your resume! Perfect for Med Students, Pre-Med, NP’s, PA’s, PA-C or anyone looking to improve their skillset. Join practicing Neurosurgeon Mark R. McLaughlin, MD for this unique opportunity. NeuroRounds is ONLY available live. That's intentional. It is designed for the serious..., the people hungry for knowledge. If you would like an invitation to our next event, request it below.
Aug 3, 2021, 1:06 AM
August 3, 2022 NeuroRounds Event. Live and uncensored for Med Students, PreMed, and Healthcare Pros. 2nd Year Med Student tackles Spinal Imagery. See her work with Dr. McLaughlin to understand the imaging. .NeurRounds is ONLY available as a live event. Why? Because having a neurosurgeon ask you a direct question at 7:15 in the morning is very different than watching someone answer the question after you've had lunch.